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Download Free nulled Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper v1.0.5 nulled

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Download Free Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper - wordpress plugin v1.0.5

What are the possibilities with This plugin?

Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper Plugin to WordPress

Automatically create

autopilot manga or web novel websites

It can be used with its powerful manga crawler engine. It requires the help of a few easy steps to set up. The program can convert your manga site into an automated blog or even a cash-making machine!

By using this plug-in, you will be able to effortlessly scrape:

  • An extensive list of web comics and manga that include full chapters as well as volume (from fanfox.net) Other manga sources will be added later on.
  • A large selection of online novels that include full chapters (from wuxiaworld.site, vipnovel.com or boxnovel.com) Other web novel-related sites will be added in near future.

If you do it manually It’s as simple as one click, and you can leave it in operation. If you are running it on an established schedule, relax and let it go as you don’t have to perform any further actions simply watch your novel’s or manga web site’s visitors increase.

Principal attributes of the plugin are:

  • Works with Madara is compatible with the Madara WordPress Theme for Manga developed by wpstylish
  • Scrape and crawl manga found on fanfox.net
  • Scrape and crawl web-based books from wuxiaworld.site (needs an unidirectional browser that is set up on the server)
  • Scrape and crawl web-based novels on boxnovel.com
  • Scrape and crawl web-based books from vipnovel.com
  • Scrape manga using the URL of manga or through keyword searches
  • Scrape via the web novel’s URL, or via keywords
  • Automatically run on a set schedule that can crawl mangas in a synchronized manner and scrape their entire chapters
  • Manually run the importing of manga chapter or web-based novels
  • Support for headless and proxy-based browsers to bypass protection from scrapers easily
  • Automatically add more information in web-based and manga novels such as title, description of the book, the featured image, publication date, authors, date of release tags, and genres (manga category)
  • Upload images locally to your server, or directly to cloud storage if you’ve established CDN options (Blogger, Blogspot, Amazon, Imgur, Flickr, FTP) within the Madara theme’s settings.
  • auto……

The plugin is being tested.

Do you have a current customer?

If you’ve already purchased it and tried it , feel free to reach me through the product’s comments section, and provide me with any feedback so that I can create a better WordPress plugin!

WordPress 5.8 Tried!


By using this plugin, you’ll be in a position to access content on other sites that offer manga and web-based novels that do not necessarily be yours or aren’t directly under your supervision. If you download copyrighted content without the author’s consent the creator of the plugin cannot accept any responsibility for the actions. Additionally, the developer of the plugin is not in control of the content, nature or access to the grabbed content.

Are you satisfied with our work ? Do you want to see to see more?

Demo Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper

Download Ultimate Web Novel and Manga Scraper v1.0.5 nulled

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